You may look at this title and run away but if you haven’t then, thanks!

This time last year I was doing pretty much no exercise at all, except for a couple of weekly PE classes at school.  It had been like this for a couple of years so you can imagine that I wasn’t exactly healthy.  I had even worse self confidence issues than I do now and I just was a very lazy, unhappy person.

I remember the day I decided I wanted to change.  It was a Sunday and my family had gone to a breakfast buffet for Mother’s Day.  I had eaten heaps of everything and afterwards I hated myself for it.  I can’t actually remember the reason why but I decided to go for a run that afternoon.

To be honest I hated it, I ran then I quickly tired and walked, ran some more and then walked.  I probably only did about 2km and didn’t like it all.  But then I got home, stretched and realised that even though I felt tired physically, I felt great mentally.  I didn’t hate myself for eating so much at that buffet anymore and I was just in a good mood.

A couple days later, after school, I went for another walk/run.  I did some research on running, like how should I warm up, how long should beginners run for – that kind of thing.  I downloaded the Nike running app.  I did more walk/runs and I was starting to go a little further.  I eventually decided that the  walk/run method wasn’t exactly for me and one day, instead of running then walking, I jogged the whole time but very slowly.  I managed to do 3km and to me that was such an accomplishment.

Now fast forward to now and my body has definitely seen some results from last year.  I wouldn’t call myself fit because to be perfectly honest I haven’t been trying to improve my running.  Also I hurt my foot a couple months ago and haven’t been able to run at all.  Though now that I can run again, I want to try and push myself to go for longer runs at a faster pace.  It was a main reason I started this blog; to motivate myself to become fitter and that in turn will help me become happier.  To others, 4km may sound super short and it probably is.  But I ran 4km for the first time the other day and it was great, in that moment I realised I didn’t have to be that lazy girl from last year anymore.

I don’t really know what this post is trying to say, it’s more just me writing about my life and my little journey from last year to now.  I think this could also be motivation for other people who feel like they hate exercise.  It may suck for a little while but once you start getting better, and you start seeing results physically and mentally, it becomes so much easier to get yourself out there.  Also don’t worry if you don’t want to run, definitely try other things like swimming, cycling, dancing or whatever.  For me running is the better option because I am like a rock in the water – I just sink – and I can’t actually ride a bike.  And as for dancing, I think it’s best to keep my horrendous dancing to myself.





9 thoughts on “Exercising

  1. wordjunkie says:

    I’ve actually been wanting to start running, so this was just an awesome post for me!!! I think that running sounds fun, and I’ve been wanting to do it in the mornings when I wake up to get my self going, but that has failed epicly, because I have no self motivation what-so-ever. But this post has motivated me and now I want to start working out more! (Because I like don’t, at all.) Thank you so much, Chloe!!

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    • Chloe says:

      It’s so awesome to know that people are getting motivated because of this post. You should definitely give it a go; makes sure to start off small like I did because you don’t want to injure yourself. And also don’t be too hard on yourself if morning runs aren’t working for you because I also tried for so long to get myself out in the mornings but I’ve realised running in the afternoons works a lot better for me. Have fun xx


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