Two years later

Wow, it really has been over two years since I last posted.  My life got too busy, I got too lazy, blah blah blah.  This isn’t how I wanted this to turn out; I really did want to give blogging a go to try and motivate myself and others to be happy and healthy.

I logged back on to this blog and was surprised to see that it still had had some visitors over the past couple of years, not many, but still some.  This kind of motivated me I guess, I want to try this again.  I’ve been through a lot, I’ve learned a lot and now I’m in a good and happy place.  I like to think I’m happy and healthy, so I’m going to write about it and hopefully it helps others too.


Refresh and Restart

This past week has been very…. bleh.  I haven’t eaten very well, I didn’t exercise much, my mental state is a bit all over the place and I have not been productive at all.  I’ve been stressing out over these two assignments that thankfully I am done with.  That certain time of month is approaching for me and I have been PMSing hard.   I feel like I’ve been on the verge of tears for 3 days straight and I think I’m getting a little sick and I’m going to stop complaining before I rant this whole post.

What I’m really trying to say is that I need a refresh and a restart.  Tomorrow (Monday) is a public holiday and I’m going to spend it focusing on being happy and healthy.  I want to eat well, do some exercise, spend some time doing hobbies and just relax.  I feel like everyone at some point has needed a restart in their life because things have been hectic so I hope this post is somewhat useful.

I have  a bit of a to-do list for myself, you can follow it if you want but you don’t have to do everything, you should make it work for you.

The night before

  • Eat a good dinner
  • Fill water bottle half way and put in the freezer (you fill the rest up the next day so you’ll have half ice half water)
  • Prepare food for the next day if needed
  • Wash + moisturise face
  • Brush teeth and floss and use mouth wash and all that
  • Try to go to bed at a decent time


  • Wake up
  • Eat a good healthy breakfast (I normally take a banana, 1/2 cup of blueberries, 1/3 cup of oats, a dash of vanilla essence, some almond milk and chuck it in a blender)
  • Workout (any exercise you want to do)
  • Stretch (I do this right after the exercise while my muscles are still warm)
  • Shower, shave + moisturise legs (also a good time to wash hair if needed)
  • Self beauty stuff (like doing your nails)

Once that’s all done then spend some time on your hobbies.  I’m going to do some reading, drawing, playing saxophone and anything else I feel like doing tomorrow.  I need to stay busy because when I get bored I start to mindlessly eat anything, even when I’m not hungry.

For lunch, just focus on eating a lot of veggies, you can obviously eat other things as well but it’s always good to fill up on vegetables.  I try not to be too strict on what I’m eating otherwise I’ll just end up hungry and miserable.

In the afternoon, I’m planning to practise volleyball with a friend so it’s going to be a good way to have some social time because I’m usually terrible at making plans with anyone.  It’s up to you how you spend this time, maybe do some schoolwork, clean your room, organise some part of your life; it’s always good to stay productive.

For the night time just follow the ‘Night Before’ to-do list from above and you’re pretty much set.  Don’t get upset with yourself if you don’t do everything you have planned, your ‘restart day’ should be about just relaxing and not worrying.  Try to do this on a weekend when you don’t have to go to school but if you can’t then you can still do a lot of things before and after school.

After writing all this down, I’m quite motivated about tomorrow now.  I’m glad I wrote this blog post because in the future when I’m having another bad week, I can look back at this post and get motivated to be happy and healthy again.  I just hope someone out there is motivated as well.








You may look at this title and run away but if you haven’t then, thanks!

This time last year I was doing pretty much no exercise at all, except for a couple of weekly PE classes at school.  It had been like this for a couple of years so you can imagine that I wasn’t exactly healthy.  I had even worse self confidence issues than I do now and I just was a very lazy, unhappy person.

I remember the day I decided I wanted to change.  It was a Sunday and my family had gone to a breakfast buffet for Mother’s Day.  I had eaten heaps of everything and afterwards I hated myself for it.  I can’t actually remember the reason why but I decided to go for a run that afternoon.

To be honest I hated it, I ran then I quickly tired and walked, ran some more and then walked.  I probably only did about 2km and didn’t like it all.  But then I got home, stretched and realised that even though I felt tired physically, I felt great mentally.  I didn’t hate myself for eating so much at that buffet anymore and I was just in a good mood.

A couple days later, after school, I went for another walk/run.  I did some research on running, like how should I warm up, how long should beginners run for – that kind of thing.  I downloaded the Nike running app.  I did more walk/runs and I was starting to go a little further.  I eventually decided that the  walk/run method wasn’t exactly for me and one day, instead of running then walking, I jogged the whole time but very slowly.  I managed to do 3km and to me that was such an accomplishment.

Now fast forward to now and my body has definitely seen some results from last year.  I wouldn’t call myself fit because to be perfectly honest I haven’t been trying to improve my running.  Also I hurt my foot a couple months ago and haven’t been able to run at all.  Though now that I can run again, I want to try and push myself to go for longer runs at a faster pace.  It was a main reason I started this blog; to motivate myself to become fitter and that in turn will help me become happier.  To others, 4km may sound super short and it probably is.  But I ran 4km for the first time the other day and it was great, in that moment I realised I didn’t have to be that lazy girl from last year anymore.

I don’t really know what this post is trying to say, it’s more just me writing about my life and my little journey from last year to now.  I think this could also be motivation for other people who feel like they hate exercise.  It may suck for a little while but once you start getting better, and you start seeing results physically and mentally, it becomes so much easier to get yourself out there.  Also don’t worry if you don’t want to run, definitely try other things like swimming, cycling, dancing or whatever.  For me running is the better option because I am like a rock in the water – I just sink – and I can’t actually ride a bike.  And as for dancing, I think it’s best to keep my horrendous dancing to myself.





Introductions here we go – my name is Chloe and I’m a teenager from Australia.  I lack self confidence, I love food too much and school stresses me out.  That sentence pretty much sums me up. 

This blog is going to be a lot of things but mostly it’s going to be about my journey to becoming healthy, happy, less stressed and confident.  I want to post things about school, eating healthy, exercising and anything that is going to make me happy.  I’m not fit or healthy – yet – but that’s what I want to work on over time.

I start school again in two days after being on break for two weeks and I really don’t want to go back.  I always feel like I have no time in the day when I have school and by the time weekend comes around I have to work on Saturday, then it gets to Sunday and I’m frantically trying to do all my homework and then it’s Monday again.  That cycle repeats for like 10 weeks and by the end I’m exhausted and annoyed at a lot of people.

The hard balancing act is trying to juggle homework and assignments while finding time to exercise, enjoy hobbies, have a social life and include alone time.  You also have to remember that you have to be motivated to do these things as well.  If you’re not motivated enough to do exercise you’re not going to find time to do it.  Also, if you’re like me and sometimes too lazy to make plans with people, you’re not going to have a good social life either.

When I put it like, being a teenager is hard isn’t it?  I know it shouldn’t be but I have so many people telling me to enjoy my teen years while it lasts and that’s what makes me really determined to enjoy the next few years of school before I go to university.  Which comes to my main point of this whole blog is for me to be happy and enjoy life as a teenager.

I hope at least one person out there can relate to at least a part of this.  This post was a bit of a mess to be honest but I just wanted to get a lot down.

Also today is such a pretty day outside.  It’s like the middle of autumn in Australia and it should be getting cooler but it’s so warm and sunny like summer.  I literally wrote this post in my backyard.

I don’t live in a forest, my house is just surrounded by a bunch of trees.

Anyway, I think that’s all I have to say for this first post.  I’m not sure what I’m going to write about next but I’ll probably end up doing it while I’m procrastinating my homework this week.